Romertopf Clay Cocotte

Terracotta cocotte for roasting meats, vegetables and one-pot meals, or baking breads. Glazed bottom for easy cleaning, with unglazed lid for moisture absorption and flavor. Holds 4 quarts. (more info)

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Romertopf Clay Cocotte - Kaufmann Mercantile

The large, four-quart size of this clay cocotte is ideal for creating an easy, flavorful, one-pot meal that will serve the whole family or a small group of friends. The high domed lid allows for air to circulate during cooking, while keeping heat and steam in. This adds all the flavor and juice that might evaporate into the oven right back into the meal. Cook tender, juicy meats and vegetables evenly in their own juices, with no burned bits that need to be scraped or scrapped. The dish can also be used to proof dough when baking bread. 

Use & Care

When you first receive your new clay cocotte, we recommend that you rinse and soak it in water for about 15 minutes. After soaking, drain out the excess water, wipe with a clean cloth, and let air dry.

The first time you use your cocotte, it is recommended that you prepare a recipe without a lot strong seasonings. Robust seasonings such as pepper, curry, chilies, and hot sauces can impart their flavor into the unglazed clay lid of the baker, which will take some time to dissipate and could effect the flavor of subsequent meals. Instead, opt for a pot roast, chicken or root vegetables the first time you use your clay cooking pot. After about two to three uses, you can then start preparing meals with stronger spices and flavors, as over time, your clay baker will develop a patina which adds character to the pot and creates a nearly non-stick interior.

How to use your cookware:
Before each use, soak your cocotte for 10-20 minutes in water, submerging both top and bottom.

Place ingredients inside cocotte base. Set the oven temperature after the dish has been placed in cold oven, and allow the oven and the cocotte to heat slowly together.

Clay cocottes are not for use on an open flame or stovetop.  Do not subject your dish to extreme temperature changes such as putting in cold water or on a cold surface (such as marble) straight from the oven. Place the cocotte on a hot pad or wooden cutting board to avoid drastic temperature changes. 

Browning of the cocotte will occur with continued use and a patina develops. This does not affect the integrity of the dish. 

Production & Design

Owing their name to the ancient Roman tradition of clay pot cooking, German company Romertopf, which translates to “Roman pot,” has been creating ceramic vessels since 1967. The clay for their bakers is extracted from Ransbach-Baumbach, a region in Western Germany known for its pottery and ceramics industry.


8" high x 12.5" in diameter
(20 x 32 cm)


Made in

Key points
- Large size makes meals for about 6 people
- Glazed bottom for easy cleaning
- Can be used to proof bread as well as make savory roasts
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