Sheetmetal Wire Storage Basket

Multi-purpose wire storage basket with perforated sheetmetal front and back. Made of cold-rolled steel that's been zinc-plated to prevent rust. 12" wide x 13" deep x 8" tall. Made in Shiner, Texas. Also available: Wire Storage Basket. (more info)

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Sheetmetal Wire Storage Basket - Kaufmann Mercantile

This storage basket is a sturdy, rust-resistant home organizer that's useful for toys, magazines, umbrellas, shoes and any other items you mean to stow away. Made of zinc-plated steel, this industrial home accessory resists rust indoors or out.

August Kaspar, the developer of these wire baskets, was a ranch hand in Shiner, Texas during the American Frontier age. It was right around the time when barbed wire made a splash, promising to become the new and improved measure of holding cattle in check. This meant lots of smooth wire was being discarded by ranchers from all across the region. So Kaspar had a vision: to fashion quality baskets out of newly discarded wire. At first he fashioned himself a crude looking basket, made to help him carry hay and corn husks from the barn to the animal stalls. This was the humble beginnings of a company that now operates on a 40 acre manufacturing facility with state of the art equipment and highly experienced craftsmen. Since the first supply of Kaspar's baskets, handcrafted with the very wire from Texas pastures that farmers could no longer utilize, the company has kept on for five generations, still family owned, making baskets that are traditional in construction but modern in appeal.

Use & Care

Fill the baskets with anything you can think of: magazines, dog toys, shoes, umbrellas or small items that never have anywhere to go. The zinc-plated wire will not rust, so can go indoors or out. 

A set of four baskets comes labeled with numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4, or they can be sold separately without engraving. 

Production & Design

Kaspar Wire Works was established in 1898 by August Kaspar, who constructed the first baskets using only his hands and a pair of pliers. A neighbor bought the basket for a single dollar. As the reputation of Kaspar wire grew, so did the tools. By 1904, Kaspar quit farming and pursued wire basket construction full time. In 1919, the company expanded, offering a host of new products like fly swatters, shopping carts, florists supplies, and more. 

Wire is unrivaled in its variety of use, and Kaspar Wire Works has steadily expanded its line of quality wire products. By the 1990's, Kaspar Wire Works had the largest electroplating plant in the Southwest, and the company again expanded their product line, adding computer components, soft drink racks, and gym baskets.

Since the days of August Kaspar, the company has remained in Shiner, Texas, and it is now in its 5th generation as a family owned company.


Zinc-Plated Steel Wire

12" wide x 13" deep x 8" tall
1.25" meshing (the size of the spaces between meshing)


Comes as a set of four, engraved with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 on the front panel.  

Also sold individually with blank panel.
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