Small Postalco Notebook (Light Grey)

Chlorine-free, pin-graph paper made from boiled natural fibers. Small spiral bound notebook with hard-pressed and water-resistant cotton cover. Crafted in Japan. Also available in dark bluelight blue or yellow. (more info)

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Small Postalco Notebook (Light Grey) - Kaufmann Mercantile

Postalco Notebooks are crafted entirely in Japan. Available in five rich, muted colors, each cover is bonded with starched, pressed and water-resistant cotton. The paper is made from boiled natural fibers. Its smooth texture keeps the pen from slipping too easily, while creating an ideal writing surface for jotting down notes. This paper is pH-neutral, meaning that it will not yellow over time and can last up to 1000 years. The 1 mm  x 1 mm, light blue pin-graph paper (like a fine mesh) makes for more versatile guidelines, and works well when writing and drawing. Ecologically made and chlorine-free.

The notebooks are spiral-bound, for ease when flipping through its pages, then cloth-bound for a clean look. When flipped open, the cover extends beyond the bottom of the paper— a strategic design to comfortably support your hand as you write to the very end of the page. The small Postalco notebook is sensibly sized at 5" x 3.2"— best for carrying around in a back pocket or bag.

Each notebook is subtly adorned with Postalco’s logo, a carrier pigeon, the speedy, correspondence-oriented birds that were trusted with urgent messages tucked into little leather pouches, strapped to their backs. 

Use & Care

When wet, pat dry with a soft cloth to asborb any liquid. Rub lightly, as rough scrubbing will result in light spots. Do not place near air conditioners or heaters. 

Production & Design

Currently based in Tokyo, Postalco originated in Brooklyn, New York. Husband-and-wife team, Mike and Yuri Abelson, a product designer and a graphic designer, began with a love of the international transport of mail and Japanese craftsmanship. Soon developing a passion for the beauty of paper, they applied their skills and fancies seamlessly into Postalco. Their current store is located in a quiet Tokyo neighborhood–a location befitting to their unique sense of style.

Mike and Yuri work closely with their team of craftsmen–discussing every stitch and fold in the construction of their notebooks, envelopes and wallets. Mike insists that a notebook as meticulously constructed as these can only be made in Japan. Postalco design their products as a reflection of the unmatched beauty of Japanese craftsmanship.


5 inches long x 3.25 inches wide
(12.7 cm x 8.9 cm)

– Pressed cotton cover
– Chlorine-free paper
– Steel spiral
– 80 pages

Pin-graph paper 
(1 mm x 1 mm)

Made in 
  • USA
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