Stoneware Pickling Crock with Weights

Handmade stoneware pickling crock with accompanying lid and weights for preserving, pickling and fermenting vegetables or for countertop food storage. Made in Ohio by a family with over 50 years of pottery experience. (more info)

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Stoneware Pickling Crock with Weights - Kaufmann Mercantile

With this handmade stoneware crock, making a batch of pickles is easy, so preserved produce will soon become a standard healthy snack. Almost all vegetables and fruits naturally contain lactic acid-forming bacteria—when allowed to develop naturally in this pickling crock these bacteria cause changes in certain sugars that makes food easily digestible. Like natural yogurt, fermented foods contain live microbes that aid in digestion, along with high levels of vitamins B and C.

For proper fermentation, the crock comes with two semi-circular weights that rest on top of food—vegetables breaking down in brine will attempt to float to the top during the fermentation process and exposure to air will cause mold. These weights will keep food safely submerged under the protection of their juices. The crock is topped off with a lid that keeps unwanted bacteria out and the good bacteria in.

The crocks are made in Zanesville, Ohio by a family-run company. To make each crock, large pieces of clay are individually pressed into molds, then hand finished and hand stamped. Lead-free glazes are also applied by hand, making the crocks food safe. 

Use & Care

The pickling crock, lid and weights can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Preparing to use your crock: Cleanliness is very important, not only to prepare good quality vegetables, but also to maintain the crock and especially the lid. Wash the inside and outside of the crock and lid and the weights and allow to dry completely. The glazed stoneware crock does not absorb water or bacteria, and the glaze also prevents flavors from being transferred when different pickling recipes are used in the same crock.

Consult your pickling and fermenting recipe for proper ratios, but the juice or brine should cover the vegetables with an excess of approximately 2 inches. Linen cloths that are traditionally used to cover the vegetables are not needed as long as the crock and lid are kept clean.

Filling the crock: Vegetables should always the highest-quality produce. Clean the vegetables thoroughly, removing stems and cutting away any parts that are damaged or bruised.

Once the vegetables are prepared, fill the crock about three-quarters full with brine. Then place the weights on top of the vegetables, and add the remaining liquid. The brine and any juice from the cut vegetables should cover the weights by at least an inch, but 2 inches of space should be left between the top of the liquid and the rim of the crock. This allows space for the carbonic acid to accumulate throughout the pickling.

Place the lid on the crock and let stand at room temperature in a cool place (64-68 F) for 8-10 days to begin the fermentation process. Adding some whey, buttermilk or wine can speed up the process.

You will hear an occasional gurgle from your fermenting vat. This is normal, and is caused by carbon dioxide escaping during the fermentation process. After 8-10 days, move the crock to a cool, dark place (such as a basement or cellar) at approximately 40-47 degrees F, or refrigerate the pickles.

If mold has formed on the surface of your brine, you can skim it off and discard. Your pickled food is still good to eat, since harmful microorganisms cannot survive in the acidic brine.


Holds 1 gallon 


Made in

Key points
- Easily pickle fresh produce for a healthy snack
- Includes weights to keep pickles submerged in brine during fermentation
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