Tube Wringer

Get up to 35% more out of any tube. Aluminum rollers with nickel-plated hardened steel body. Use it for paint, glue, toothpaste, tomato paste and many others. Made in Oregon, U.S.A. (more info)


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Tube Wringer - Kaufmann Mercantile

Waste not, want not. Two aluminum rollers secured into a nickel plated, hardened steel body extract every last valuable ounce from tubes of paint, sealant, cosmetics, caulk, glue or even toothpaste. The tube wringer can be used for any tube up to 2 7/8 inches wide. With the turn of a key, even tubes made of aluminum and other thin metals will be crimped and squeezed until there’s nothing left inside. 

Gets 35% more out of what's inside every tube.

Some liquids are more precious than others, and it’s amazing how much of a substance stays trapped in the tube even once it’s been squeezed and wrung by eager hands. Ask an artist who needs that last precious drop of cadmium for the palette, the contractor who’s applying bottle after bottle of expensive sealant to a window, the beautician who goes through endless bottles of hair dye, or for that matter, anyone who remembers the Great Depression.

The tube wringer not only reduces waste but it will help you to keep working more cleanly whether in a salon, a workshop, or your house. Using a razor to carefully slice open a container just to extract the last fateful ounce works, but it’s far from ideal. The tube wringer uses pressure so well that it leaves every tube sapped dry and paper thin.

Large Tube Wringer

Use & Care

This gadget is simply built and easy to use. It works best when it's dry because it's easier to position, allowing the rollers to more firmly grip the sides of whatever you're squeezing.

Simply open the jaws, insert the end of the tube that's opposite the cap, clamp the jaws down and turn the key clockwise. As you turn, the tube will be crimped and wrung through the rollers, forcing every last bit of what's inside to the opening.

Make sure to wipe off anything that might have gotten on the rollers in the process, especially paint, caulk, glue, or any adhesive material that may become more difficult to clean once it's dried. 

Clean with soap and warm water and towel or air dry.

Production & Design

John Gill, a retired engineer, founded his company in 1972. Though he came up with a various other prototypes, the tube wringer was the star invention. The Oregon company has changed hands once since 1972, and is now owned by Mark and Libby Holden.  Each tube wringer is still assembled by hand, to the original quality standard.

Over the years people have found an assortment of uses for the tube wringer aside from wringing tubes which includes crimping paper, gold leaf, and other thin metals for ribbons or design projects.


– Nickel-plate hardened steel bod
– Aluminum rollers

Paint, glue, toothpaste, food (e.g. pastry tubes), caulk, beauty products and many others.

3.25'' x 3.75''

10 ounces

Made in 
Oregon, U.S.A.

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