Valobra Shaving Soaps

Fascinating putty-like cream soap. Makes a rich lather that gets thicker as it spreads. Lasts a full year. Available in almond or menthol. Chemical- and detergent-free. Made in Genoa, Italy. (more info)

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Valobra Shaving Soaps - Kaufmann Mercantile

This soft cream soap forms a rich lather for a crisp, clean shave. The Valobra family – master soap makers from Italy – uses handpicked natural ingredients and a centuries-old manufacturing method to produce a rich soap that lasts a full year.

Valobra has maintained the original formulas and methods in its line of soaps. To gain a year’s supply from each bar, the company seasons pure soap base for six months and mills the soap six times with oils and vitamins. The two fragrance options, almond and menthol, are simmered down into essential oils and added to the mixture. Each bar is hand wrapped in tissue, sealing in the scent until you’re ready to break into your day with a fresh shave.

Harsh soaps can change the pH balance of your skin and when shaving, so it's important that you have that natural acidic barrier keep your skin from becoming prone to infection. Shaving makes skin especially vulnerable, which is why it's so important to be choosy about the shaving soap you use. A high-quality Valobra shaving soap lubricates the skin, preventing nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Use & Care

The soft-shave cream soap is not used like your ordinary soap. The soft, putty-like bar is malleable enough to pinch off a piece for a shave. Since the soap is heavily concentrated, a pinch or a thin slice is more than enough. Or more conveniently, you can mold the entire bar into a bowl or mug. Next, use a damp brush to whip the soap into a creamy lather and load it onto the brush. The lather will continue building as you spread it across your face.  Throughout the shave, the lather remains stable and won't dry out like other soaps, which means you can use either a safety or straight razor. Finally, lock in the moisture with a splash of aftershave.

The mild, comforting almond soap bar is best for everyday use, while the menthol soap leaves the skin invigorated for a more lively morning start. Be warned, however, harsh fragrances like menthol can cause irritation for dry or sensitive skin.

Production & Design

Virgilio Valobra manufactured his first soap in Genoa, Italy, in 1903. Genoa, a seaport city along the Riviera region, had given birth to some of the best soap makers of the 18th century. And in the spirit of the masters, Valobra experimented with exotic ingredients from across the world, like virgin coconut oil from an island in the Indian Ocean, which is still found in the family soaps today.

After Valobra founded the family business, soap makers discovered more affordable methods to meld basic fatty acids with sodium or potassium and soap became a commercialized industry. Yet the Valobra continues to make soap in the meticulous way of the ancient Italian soap masters.


Almond and menthol

Net Weight
5.2 oz (147g)

Made in 
Genoa, Italy   
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