Walnut Cake Stand

Handcrafted in Japan by acclaimed artist Ono Rina, the dark walnut wood and simple, yet elegant lines of this cake stand were designed to allow the cakes, pies, and other sweet treats it displays to take center stage. (more info)

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Walnut Cake Stand - Kaufmann Mercantile

Made of solid walnut, this cake stand incorporates decades of traditional fabrication techniques with an eye towards the clean, contemporary lines of modern Japanese design. When creating this piece, acclaimed Japanese designer Ono Rina was inspired by her culture’s tradition of modest table settings, where small, low plates are favored. However, decadent desserts deserve a place of honor, so Rina set out to create an elegant and understated stand for a meal’s finale. With graceful curves and a deep, rich walnut wood tone, this cake stand becomes a stage upon which the cheerful, warm tones of cakes, tarts, pies, and other sweet treats can shine.

The design of this walnut cake stand, with its demure aesthetic, puts a deliberate focus on materials and craftsmanship. Each stand begins with the finest locally-sourced walnut, which is known for its lightweight durability and wavy grain. Takahashi Kougei, who fabricates the cake stands, creates the base of each piece by turning it on a lathe. This process that is similar to the way furniture legs are made. The platter is then attached orthogonally to ensure stability and strength. Finally, the finished stand is coated in a protective urethane to safeguard against scratches and stains. Use this meticulously handmade cake stand for everything from displaying the grandest dessert showpiece at birthday parties and holidays to the most humble of homemade pies for a weeknight family dinner.

Use & Care

This cake stand should be hand washed only in hot water with a mild detergent. Never leave the stand soaking in water. Not for use in microwaves or dishwashers. Avoid placing the stand on or near heat sources. Should your cake stand begin to dry out, it can be conditioned with a high-quality, food-grade walnut or mineral oil.

Production & Design

This walnut cake stand was designed by Japanese designer Ono Rina, whose philosophy is to create products that fit seamlessly into the lives of their owners. In 2001, Rina graduated from the Tohoku University of Art & Design in Yamagata, Japan. She launched her studio, Rinao Design, in 2007.

Rina works with the manufacturer Takahashi Kougei to make this cake stand. Founded in 1965 in Asahikawa, Japan, Takahashi Kougei originally produced table legs and ornamental pillars using the lathe, which is a rotating machine used to shape wood, metal, and other materials. With the downturn of the Japanese furniture market in the 1980s, Takahashi Kougei began to produce wood tableware, such as cups and bowls. With trees mainly sourced from Hokkaido island in Japan, the company handcrafts simple, functional tableware that celebrates and preserves the wood’s natural look and feel.


10.6 inches diameter x 3.7 inches high (26.9 cm x 9.4 cm)

Weighs 1.5 lbs (0.7 kgs)


Made in

Key Points
- Elevate desserts for formal and casual gatherings
- Stand is hand-turned on a lathe 
- Coated in food-safe urethane
- Hand wash in warm water
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