Wax / Surf Co x KM Surfboard

Hand-shaped foam block core and fiberglass funboard exclusive to KM. Suitable for beginner and experienced surfers in mushy (slow-rolling waves) to slightly aggressive surf. Designed by two Brooklyn-based architects. Please note: Heavy item shipping charge of $180 will be applied automatically at checkout. (more info)

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Wax / Surf Co x KM Surfboard - Kaufmann Mercantile

Our exclusive surfboard encompasses the extensive experiences of two builders and avid surfers. With backgrounds in architecture and custom fabrication, Michael Farley and Tyler Jorgenson began by building custom boards for themselves and their friends, until they eventually found themselves fulfilling orders for customers all over the nation.

Completing orders out of their Brooklyn workshop, Michael and Tyler tend to think about the local Rockaway Beach surf when creating their boards, where conditions vary widely from day to day. Therefore, the Wax Surf x KM funboard is versatile for both beginning and experienced surfers, in both mushy, slow-rolling waves and powerful fast breaking waves with a steep face.  

The board features a single fin and a box tail, with a soft rail (rounded, wide nose) that transitions to a hard, squared off rail. The rocker (the curved underside of the board) will glide smoothly across the water, but is also equipped to deal with choppy waves—you will be able to negotiate a drastic drop or a steeper wave. The hull or deck is beveled and transitions to near-flatness as you get towards the nose, making it easier to stand on and achieve greater buoyancy.

For more behind-the-scenes, read our Field Note.

Use & Care

With regular use, the board will sustain dents and scratches—this is normal and indicative of surf time! When not in use, hang on dedicated surf rack or store on the tail end of the board in an upright position. Also, see our Hand-poured Surf Wax.

 (Image from Brigid Lally - @saltairian)

Production & Design

To create their custom boards to perfectly suit each surfer, Tyler Jorgenson and Michael Farley will often go surfing with their customers. After an extensive conversation and multiple surf sessions, they study the specifics of what each customer desires from their board and what type of surfing they plan on doing. Tyler and Mike then begin to form and shape the foam block that serves as the buoyant core of the surfboard. 

After shaping, rolls of fiberglass are laid out over the top of the foam. Resin is poured and worked into the fiberglass, eventually encasing the foam core. Once the resin cures on both the top and bottom of the board, it is sanded, buffed and polished by hand.

Most surfboards in the multi-billion dollar industry are made by machines or mass-produced in foreign countries. Tyler and Mike create everything in-house—just the two of them—in their Brooklyn workshop.


67 inches long x 21 inches wide x 2 ¾ inches thick (170 cm x 53.3 cm x 5.8 cm)

Polyester resin

Made in
  • USA
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