Wine-Scented Soy Candles

Large soy wax candles in repurposed wine bottles. Burns clean without producing black smoke. Each candle scent is inspired by a different wine. 100% cotton wick burns 60-80 hours. Hand-poured in SC. Available in 9 scents. (more info)

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Wine-Scented Soy Candles - Kaufmann Mercantile

"Both to the rich and the poor, wine is the happy antidote for sorrow." -Euripedes

Beyond its early use as a tonic for the human condition, our relationship with wine has always been an aromatic affair. Here, in these wine-scented soy candles, is the atmosphere and warmth of a glass of wine, along with a welcoming bouquet of unique ingredients. Each candle is designed to mimic the spice, fruit and earthy tones you find in your favorite varietal of wine.

If the wine scent isn't enough for you, the quality of the wax may be. Soy wax, a processed form of soybean oil, burns clean and pure without producing the black soot of paraffin or gel. Soy is also softer than paraffin, to make it easier to clean out the glass when the candle's been burned up, and the burn rate is low - 10 hours for every 1 oz of wax - so the candles will last 60-80 hours, longer than most traditional paraffin varieties.

Last but not least, every part of the process that goes into making these wine-scented soy candles is done by hand, from cleaning the bottles, removing the labels, cutting the bottles, mixing and pouring the wax, to wrapping the candles in hand-pressed paper. 

Use & Care

As with all candles, burn with standard precautions, away from hazardous areas, and of course, do not burn unattended. Once the wick is burned all the way, clean the glass with soap and water, and reuse as desired.

Production & Design

Adam Fetsch decided to take home some of the used wine bottles from the South Carolina restaurant where he was working. He noticed how many cases of empty bottles were thrown away every week during their massive Sunday brunches, and he wanted to find some way to refill these empty vessels, and repurpose them with new life. 

He experimented making drinking glasses at first, but the cuts were not quite suitable to his standards. His wife, however, suggested the wide base of the sparkling wine bottles would make ideal containers for candles. Adam enlisted his friend Beau Burdette and the company was born. 

This company has a partnership with three Charleston restaurants and Southern Sustainable Resources to use recycled wine bottles for each candle, a thousand of which are collected every week from the local restaurants. For Charlestonians, the glass from the finished candles can also be returned to the Charleston City Market on weekdays or the Farmer's Market on weekends to be recycled again.



Handmade in
Charleston, South Carolina

4 1/2" tall x 3" wide

black cherry, currant, smoke, burnt toast 

ripe pomegranate, plum, vanilla and violet 

white grape, honey, fresh baked bread, light citrus 

vanilla, butter, oak and light floral notes 

Pinot Grigio
sandalwood, wet stone and light citrus 

Pinot Noir
fig, cranberry, leather and earth 

bright citrus, tropical fruit and Asian pear 

Sauvignon Blanc
fresh mown grass, basil, mint and grapefruit 

Spiked Cider
fresh apple, clove, cinnamon, and a shot of buttered rum (*limited time scent)
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