WM J. Mills Waxed Cotton Duffle Bag

22 inch waxed cotton duffle bag with interior security pocket and vintage logo. Custom design exclusive to Kaufmann Mercantile, made in collaboration with WM J. Mills, a former sail making canvas company, in the USA. Ships free. (more info)


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  • WM J. Mills Waxed Cotton Duffle Bag - Kaufmann Mercantile2
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WM J. Mills Waxed Cotton Duffle Bag - Kaufmann Mercantile

When we see a product we really like, we look for opportunities to collaborate with the maker. With this duffle bag, we saw an opportunity to work with a great company—one that had been in business for over five generations, and who really knew their materials—to create something with our own design specifications married to their expertise.

Nathan, our product researcher, wanted to create a bag using the tough materials of WM J. Mills, but in a unique size. He decided on 21.5" inches, right in-between the lengths of two other duffles offered by WM J. Considering a man’s needs when he travels, Nathan also suggested adding an interior security pocket that hangs free and fits passports, wallets and keys. This pocket makes the bag unique from most duffles, which are traditionally pocketless.

Because of the many generations of craftsmanship behind the Mills makers, in this bag you will find the typical duffle bag issues resolved.“You know how the zipper will sometimes get caught on frayed edges of your bag’s seam?" Tom Beatty, Manager at WMJ asked me. "Well, we’re pretty crazy about seams here. All of our seams are double stitched and rolled, and won’t catch your zipper.”

Most importantly, the bag fits the bill for a long-lasting product. An overnight, weekend, or gym bag, carry this wherever you go, and it will follow your lead, developing a patina on its waxed surface that's unique to you.

Use & Care

"Once, I was at a friend's house and someone spilled red wine near my duffle bag. It splashed and left little dots all over the bag. When I went home a few days later, I washed it with warm water and the red wine spots came right off."

Tom Beatty tells me the waxed exterior of this bag is a life saver. If you spill on its surface, the best thing to do is just what Tom did. Wash it off.

As your bag ages, the manufacturer sells tins of replacement wax so you can retreat your bag to restore the wax repellent. Let it set for 24 hours, and you're set to go. And remember, the thing about any waxed material is, don't put it in the washing machine!

Production & Design

Since 1880, WM J. Mills has been working in canvas. The company began in Long Island as sail makers. When the invention of the diesel engine made sails less necessary, the company began manufacturing things like umbrellas, architectural canvas, awning and bags. The company is owned and operated by a fifth generation family.



21.5 inches x 11 inches W x 11 inches D
(54.61 cm x 28 cm W x 28 cm D)

- Waxed Cotton
- Genuine Leather
- Metal Zippers

Made in

*Exclusive product to Kaufmann Mercantile
  • USA
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