Wood & Cast Iron Pulley Airer

Ceiling-mounted cast iron and wooden rail laundry rack. Hang up clothes and items to dry through rope and double pulley system. Will hold up to 17 pounds. Made in England. Available in Original Cast Iron or Black Cast Iron. (more info)

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Wood & Cast Iron Pulley Airer - Kaufmann Mercantile

This ceiling-mounted laundry rack takes full advantage of the fact that hot air naturally rises to the top, providing a natural dry to any wet or damp items. Not only does it save money and energy spent on a gas or electric dryer, it will also save space, as it can be tucked under a staircase or high into the ceiling.

Air dryers like these were first developed over a hundred years ago during the Victorian Era. The multiple wooden rails attach neatly and securely to the cast iron hanger ends for an attractive, uncluttered air-drying method that is more efficient and provides much more space than a typical clothesline.

Made from kiln-dried, Scandinavian pine and heavy cast iron, the laundry rack will last until your very last load.

Use & Care

Install in an area where there are no obstructions and plenty of space to raise and lower the airer.

(1) Slot the four wood rails into the cast iron rack ends. Allow approximately eight inches of the wood rails to project out of each side of the cast iron rack ends for leverage and stability.

(2) Using a studfinder if necessary, prepare two ceiling fixes at 56 inches apart for the double pulley screw and the single pulley screw. Test drill a 3/16” hole to confirm that the area will accommodate and accept the full length of the threaded pulley screws safely and securely.

(3) Fix double pulley at ceiling point nearest to where the cleat will be used to retain the cord lift. Fix single pulley at ceiling point furthest from cleat.

(4) Align the airer (the assembled wood rails and cast iron rack ends) in horizontal position at floor level under the pulley positions. Take one end of the cord through double and single pulleys to tying eye on rack end under single pulley and tie with a double knot onto rack end tying eye.

(5) Take the other end of the cord through double pulley to tying eye on the rack end under double pulley and tie with a secure double knot onto rack end tying eye. At this point, the airer should raise and lower on both cords. The knot linking the two cords prevents both running through double pulley and stops it from lowering below working level. Adjust the knot position if necessary to achieve this.

(6) Fixing the cleat: The cleat should be fixed to ensure the pulley cord is in line with ceiling pulleys. The full load of the airer when in use is carried on the cleat and it is essential to choose a load bearing structure to fix the cleat into sound brick or solid timber. The cleat should be fixed with the two No. 8 countersunk steel woodscrews provided and should allow approximately 1 ¾ inches of penetration into the structure to which it is to be fixed. The plugs provided should be fixed only into sound concrete or solid brick using a 6mm masonry drill to a depth of 45mm. All other fixings must be made with reference to plug and screw makers’ recommendations. The cleat should enver be fitted onto any cavity structure or cavity material.

(7) Raise the airer to the chosen maximum height and if necessary tie a second knot. Use the loop in the cord created by the knot to secure the airer at the chosen maximum height to the wall mounted cleat.

Production & Design

These types of laundry airers were first developed in the Victorian era. This particular UK-based manufacturer has been creating their airers for over 100 years, remaining loyal to the same materials used since its inception: sturdy Scandinavian pine, heavy cast iron and 100% cotton woven rope. The compact design features several racks, meaning that you can hang more laundry while taking up less space.


72 inches long x 15 ½ inches wide
(1.83 cm x 39.5 cm)

Scandinavian Pine
Cast Iron
Cotton Rope

Made in
United Kingdom
  • USA
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