Wood Handled Screwdriver Set of 8

Custom-made set of 8 screwdrivers in 4 sizes, with a flat head and a Phillips head in each length. Only at KM. Wood handle carved in Maine. Steel blades with black oxide finish, forged and treated in Massachusetts. Hand assembled in Michigan. (more info)

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Wood Handled Screwdriver Set of 8 - Kaufmann Mercantile

The moment of the screwdriver’s conception is hard to pinpoint, but there are mentions of an implement with a pear-shaped handle, shaft and head used in medieval combat and armor, as well as sketches vaguely resembling the modern tool in Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks. In 1934, Henry F. Phillips created the cruciform screwdriver head, which gained popularity on car assembly lines and is now known as the Phillips head screwdriver.

The family-run company that produces these particular screwdrivers got its start back in 1941 when the patriarch of a Michigan household desired a line of tools to service and care for his prized hunting weapon, a Winchester Shotgun. The eight screwdrivers were originally developed to service rifles and other refined firearms, but this bespoke set made for Kaufmann Mercantile is versatile enough for any purpose you see fit.

The square-shanked screwdriver blades are hardened and tempered to a high level of material hardness that will not chip or slip, no matter how difficult the task. Nickel plated ferrules add further durability to protect against wear and tear and ensure that the screwdriver shaft and handle remain consolidated. The hardwood handles are carved and coated to create a secure but comfortable grip. With 4 different sizes in 2 heads to choose from, no loose screw will be left unturned.

Use & Care

When selecting the proper size driver for the screw you wish to turn, be sure that the thickness of the blade makes a good fit in the slot. This not only prevents the screw slot and blade from being damaged, but reduces the force that's needed to keep the tool in the screw head. As you begin to work, keep the screwdriver square with the screw head. This way, you'll avoid damaging the screw and lessen the possibility of slippage.

As with any high-quality tools, it is best to store these screwdrivers in a safe, dry place. Should they become greasy or dirty during use, wipe clean with a soft cloth or towel.

These screwdrivers are guaranteed for life. 

Production & Design

Kaufmann Mercantile teamed with this decades old company to create a handsome and functional set of screwdrivers. The handle is hand carved on a lathe out of Maine hardwood, with grooves for extra grip. The square-shank screwdriver shaft has a black oxide finish in order to prevent corrosion. The handle and the shaft are combined with a durable nickel coated ferrule, ensuring that the screwdriver always remains intact as one, even after years of twisting and turning.


- 8 inches (20.3cm) total length
- 7.5 inches (19 cm) total length
- 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) total length
- 4.25 inches (10.8cm)l total length

Set contains 8 screwdrivers, two at each length

- Wood
- Nickel plate
- Steel

Made in

These screwdrivers are guaranteed for life.
  • USA
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